Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jiangyong received the donation!

We sent a donation to Jiangyong Orphanage awhile back and we are happy to see they have put it to good use to buy baby food, toys and new clothes for the children. Our contact in Susan sent us these photos while we were in China adopting (in June) but I just remembered today and had a chance to look through the pictures. There are some pictures below of some Jiangyong children! Thanks to everyone who gave for this project!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

News on donations...

We heard from Northern Asia Compassionate Touch about the money sent for the earthquake orphans. They have been putting the $5000 + to good use to care for many children after the earthquake. We received an upate on what was purchased and were told pictures would be sent to us soon.

The money was used to purchase beds, tables, mosquito nets, shoes, clothing, fly traps, shampoos, lotions, toothpaste and other hygiene items.


We also sent off a donation to Jiangyong Orphange and it has been wired to the Director. She will send us the receipts and some photos so I will post those as soon as I get them.


We are heading to China in just a couple of days but I will update when I return. We have a few events planned over the summer as we are hoping to focus on our local foster children and families with young children in PEI. Stay tuned....

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Adoption Blog!


We leave in 12 days to meet our son, Evan Jun.

He is 5 years old, from the Waiting Child program in China!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Helping China's Earthquake Victims

I had the honor of helping 2 very special Chinese friends plan a Candlelight Vigil in honor and in memory of the thousands of families affected by the earthquake in China (May 12). It was a very special night where many people gathered in an emotional time of prayer, reading stories and sharing our sadness and hope for the many, many victims.

Although we didn't promote this event as a fundraiser, many people were moved to donate and $5200 was raised! Wendy, Ling and I talked about how we could use this money to directly help children who were affected by the earthquake. God certainly moves and hears our prayers because the next day I received a phone call from a friend saying there were 100 earthquake orphans being moved to Kunming Orphanage (Yunnan) and they desperately needed financial assistance to care for these children.

What joy to be able to give the $5200 to care for these children!!!!!

I have also agreed to join the Yunnan Kids International Board to help with other needs the orphans may have. I will continue to share these needs as I hear about them.


$2000 Raised!

Our Kids Carnival was a great success with lots of families coming out for some fun! THANK YOU to everyone who came and supported this event. Thank you to Mari Lynn for all her hard work and commitment to this event and with Two Homes One Heart!! A special thank you to Gail Hodder for donating her talents again with her amazing cookies! Yum!!

THANK YOU to Wendy, Ling and all their friends who made the amazing chinese food!!! It was so delicious!

Thank you to our local business sponsors - you are all terrific!!!

Charlottetown Vision Care
Cabinet Master
Cornwall Esso
Vogue Optical
Lewis Moudlings (NS)
Split Endz
Diana's Grooming

We have changed our original plan for using the funds...originally we were going to build another outdoor playground at an orphanage but we didn't raise the full $4000. Instead, we will be providing TONS of play equipment, books, tables, etc.. for an orphanage to use INDOORS. Our son's orphanage (Liuzhou, Guangxi) has told us they desperately need some indoor toys (ride on cars, etc...) for their children. We were not able to build an outdoor playground at this orphanage as there are many special needs children and not enough nannies to properly supervise outdoor play such as this. But, we can certainly provide fun, educational, stimulating toys for the children to use indoors!!!

We (Chris, Caleb, Evan and I) are making arrangements to buy the toys while we are in China (in June) and then deliver them to the orphange so we will be sure to take lots of pictures and post them when we return!!


Our wonderful friends setting up the Chinese table...they spent hours making spring rolls, dumplings and a noodle dish. So good!

People ready to purchase their tickets...let the fun begin!

Families enjoying the Carnival!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Two Homes One Heart is hosting its 2nd Annual KIDS CARNIVAL on Sunday, May 25th! It will be held at Confederation Landing (Peake's Quay) in Charlottetown from 2:00-5:00 pm.

Last year we were able to build an outdoor playground at Alyssa's orphanage with the money we raised! The children and nannies are loving the new playground and getting outside to play and interact with each other. We also bought some indoor school desks, toys and meal tables & chairs. We have chosen another orphanage to build a playground at this year so we are very excited!!!

This year, part of our proceeds will also be going to Child Find PEI (read below)

Enjoy a family day full of fun carnival games (Knock the Cans, PLINKO, Spinning Wheel, Sucker Tree, Hockey Shoot-out, Bean Bag Toss, Ping Pong Toss, Dart Throw, Human Bingo, Cake Walk...), a BBQ, canteen with amazing treats (caramel popcorn, candied apples, carnival popcorn, slushie drinks, ice cream treats, etc...), clowns, face painting, CHINESE FOOD BOOTH and so much more!This year we have invited Child Find PEI to join us to honor National Missing Children's Day which is also on May 25. Child Find will be doing "All About Me" fingerprinting kits for the kids, "Kids in the Know", safety demonstrations, and "Street Smarts" with puppets and stories!

Bracelets are $12 for unlimited fun and access to all our carnival games!
Tickets are $5/20 tickets

We hope you will help us by spreading the word - sure, put in on your blog, facebook and email it to all your friends and family!!!

See you on Sunday!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Candlelight Vigil

Candlelight Vigil for Earthquake Victims in China

There will be a candlelight vigil THIS Sunday, May 18 at Confederation Landing. It starts at 8:30 pm and there will be quiet music, candlelight and a photo show. We want to honor the many thousands of victims and their families and pray for healing and comfort.Please come out and support this event.

There will be donation boxes set up if people feel led to donate. All money will be given to Hong Kong Red Cross so they can assist more and more families in the earthquake area.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Liuzhou Orphanage

Our son, Evan Jun, is from Liuzhou City, Guangxi. We have contacted his orphanage and they have expressed a very real need for their children. Most of the children living at this orphanage have medical issues and need some kind of medical intervention; surgeries and/or therapy. We have decided we will do all we can to help this orphanage as well -raising funds for medical needs for the children. It is our hope and prayer than many children will be placed for adoption once their medical needs are taken care of.

We are in the beginning stages of working on this so stay tuned for more information.

We have been told the orphanage is in need of some large toy items (ride on cars, etc...) and so we are raising $500 to purchase these for the orphanage. Our kids will be doing most of the fundraising for this as it is a fun way for them to give back to the beautiful children still living at Liuzhou SWI. As always, you can help by clicking on the donate button and specifying it's for the toy fund.



Our 2nd annual KIDS CARNIVAL is scheduled for Sunday, May 25th (Raindate: June 1).
This year we will once again be raising funds to build an outdoor playground at an orphanage. We haven't finalized our decision on which orphanage but we think it will be one in the city where Alyssa is from .

BOOK THIS DAY FOR YOUR FAMILY - Sunday, May 25 from 2:00-5:00 at Confederation Landing (waterfront in Charlottetown).

Enjoy many carnival games, bouncy tents, clowns, magic, BBQ, canteen and much more! This year, we have invited Child Find PEI in honor of National Missing Children's Day (May 25) and there will be tons of fun events and booths to bring awareness to child safety and issues facing children both globally and locally. ("All About Me I.D" fingerprinting, "Kids in the Know" and "Street Smarts" with puppets and stories)

Wii Tickets are still available and the draw date is MAY 14th! You can visit our family adoption site and purchase tickets with the donate button or you can email me and I'll set you up another way! Thanks so much.

Friday, March 28, 2008

More Events!

We have several things on the go right now...

1. We have officially started the process of obtaining our charity status! YAY! I am so excited about this as it will really allow us to expand our fundraising and our money coming in which means we can expand our projects and reach more children!

2. I will be sending a donation of $900 to Jiangyong Orphanage on Monday morning. If anyone would like to donate to this orphanage please click on the "Donate Button". The money will be used for formula, clothing, new toys and educational items and a few other items the orphanage would like.

3. We are preparing for our 2nd Annual Kids Carnival - all money raised will be used to build a playground at an orphanage. We are open to suggestions about which orphanage could really benefit from a new, bright, colorful outdoor playground. In September we built a new playground at Fenghuangyuan Orphanage and the children and nannies are enjoying the play time and the fun interaction with each other!

4. We are getting closer to traveling to China to adopt our 4th child - our 2nd child from China. We are hoping to travel in June to bring home our little Evan Jun who is 5 years old. He is from the Liuzhou Orphanage in Guangxi.

Our 11 year old son wanted to do something to raise money for his new brother's orphanage so he is having a Wii Raffle! Ticket donations are $5/each or 3 tickets for $10. If you would like to purchase tickets for a chance to win a brand new Wii System, you can click on the "Donate" button and specify it's for the Wii. We will send you a ticket # and the draw will be videotaped and posted on the blog. (We will ship the Wii to the winner)

Most importantly, 100% of the proceeds will go to care for the many children still living at the Child Welfare Institute of Liuzhou!!!

UpComing Fundraising Events

Children's pre-snuggled, name brand clothing for only $2 each!

Enjoy a day of GREAT deals while you treat yourself to delicious snacks from our children's "LemonAID for Hope" stand.

Children can enjoy face painting, coloring, movies and a play area while you shop!

Date: April 19, 2008
Time: 11-4
Place - TBA very soon!

Sponsored by Snugglebugs


Sunday, May 25
Time: 2-5 pm
Location: Confederation Landing, Charlottetown

Enjoy carnival games, bouncy tents, magic shows, face painting, tatoos, BBQ and Canteen

Bracelets are $12 and can be used for all the activities as many times as you want! Lots of prizes...everyone will go home with tons of prizes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We have pictures!

I received pictures from Dao Orphanage today! Our family loves to see the photos of children, the orphanage and items that were purchased with donations sent in!!


A few of the babies sporting their new layers of warm clothing!

Lots of baby formula and cereal for the children!

Look at all those shoes - one pair for each child!

Socks for the children...

New, warm sweaters for everyone!

Brand new PJs!!

Warm outfits for the children...

Even more outfits for the kids...

And still more...

-WOW, I love how much they are able to buy for those adorable children!! I have asked our contact to find out if they are still needing a heater and/or washer. This may be something they are getting through Half the Sky Foundation so I will wait to hear back from our contact to see if there is anything else we can help them with!

Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed to this amazing event - keeping these special children warm and fed!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Helping Jiangyong Orphanage

I received an email today in regards to Jiangyong Orphanage. They have asked us to provide clothes for their children and baby formula. They estimated it would cost $500 to cover these items. We are thrilled to have raised over $900 to send them so now they can buy some "extras" whether it be more formula, toys for the children or some other things they have wanted but couldn't purchase. We will be getting photos of the items they purchase in the next couple of weeks and I'll post them here.

There are only 7 children living in Jiangyong Orphanage right now. Even though it is a tiny orphanage, they still do not have adequate means to care for the children - we are thrilled to help them out and to give them the surprise of more funds! They care for 5 children under the age of 1, 1 child who is 4 and 1 child between the ages of 7-9.

I heard from Dao Orphanage today! The Director was shopping for items for the children and their facility with the donation we sent them. So many people around the world contributed to this donation and I can't wait to hear (and see) what they were able to purchase with the money. I will post pictures here when I receive them!
Stay tuned....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Dinner a Huge Success!

Two Homes One Heart Display

Art Auction

Set up and ready for our guests!

Our Valentine's Dinner Event was a GREAT success! We had a great turnout and such a beautiful night. The food was fabulous!!! Thank you to Mari Lynn - you are amazing!!!

We raised just over $2000 and can't wait to share this money with many, many children! We will be giving $700 from last night's proceeds to Jiangyong Orphanage and we have an additional $250 set aside for them as well. This should cover all the items on the "needs" list!

We will also be giving $650 to Faith Village and another $650 to our "Heart to Heart" Project (care packages for Foster Children) and our local Food Bank for baby formula, rice cereal and diapers.

THANK YOU to the many wonderful people who came out and "shared their love"!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


In 24 hours we all raised $2910.00 for Dao orphanage plus $150 for Jiangyong Orphanage! How fantastic is that!!!
THANK YOU to all of you for your kindess and generosity!!!
Inside Dao orphanage

We need 100 people to donate $10 in the next 24 hours to help these children!!! Please click on the "Donate" button to the left! If we raise more than the $1000, it will still go to the many needs of the orphanages. Please post this on your blogs so we can get the money raised in the next 24 hours!!!!!

**Time of original post: 9:44 pm
**10:15 pm - $100 has been donated so far!

**10:36 pm - $192 (off to bed...)
next morning...
**9:36 am - $525 donated already! Keep it up - we are 1/2 way there!!!
**10:56 am - $710.00!!!
**11:39 am - $955.oo - WooHoo!
**2:29 pm - $1640.00 - Incredible!!!
**6:00 pm - $2041 - 4 hours to go!
**10:00 pm - $2660.00 WOW

I emailed our contact in China to see if the orphanages we are supporting in Hunan were hurt by the terrible storms and weather affecting China right now. We have heard that 2 of our orphanges were without power for several days but now have it back and are doing okay.

One of our orphanages is in desperate need and they have asked us to PLEASE help them with warm clothing and food for their children. Due to the storm and the huge need, food is hard to buy so the prices are much higher now. We are trying to raise $1000 in the next 24 hours so I can wire it to our contact in China. She will make sure the orphanage is supplied with baby formula, food for the older children and WARM clothing. Weather reports say this is going to continue for several more days so it's very important that we move quickly to help these vulnerable children and the wonderful nannies who care for them!!!

I know we can do this - let's show them how much we care!!

I will keep you updated on how much we are raising as time goes on!

Thank you,

Below is the letter we received...

Tammy ,

I just called director Lei of Leng Shui Tan orphanage, Director Zhao of Dao County orphanage and Director Zhang of Jiang Yong orphanage. Below is details the directors told me.

1)Leng Shui Tan orphanage :Director Lei said they had lost electricity power and tap water for some days and it has come back two days ago.The orphanage is doing good now .She let me say thanks to you as well as other families who concerned about the orphanage .

2)Dao County orphanage :Director Zhao said they lost electricity power and tap water for about ten days . Now, they borrowed a small generator to make electricity that just can run lights but can't run heater appliance or air-condition. Now, they use coal to cook and carry water by hands now. Zhao said they got a help from the foundation a few days ago and bought some clothes for children already but that is not enough. Director Zhao said their situation is severe and need money to buy more warm clothes and food for children at orphanage. I asked her how much amount she needs, she said because everything is getting expensive now, the shortage is about 1000USD. She also said even a small amount donation will help children at the orphanage more or less .

3)Jiang Yong orphanage :Director Zhang said they lost electricity power for about a week .They use coal to make heat .She said they should have enough clothes for children at the orphanage .She said, general speaking, they are doing good so far. She let me say thanks to you as well as other families who concerned about the orphanage.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our next Event...

Our next fundraiser is coming up quickly - SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16th!!!

It's going to be an amazing event - candlelight atmostphere, soft music, the most delicious food and desserts, special time with your loved one(s), being part of an event that will spread hope and love to many, many children. Who could ask for more than this as a night out for Valentine's Day???

Mark your calendars for our:

"Sharing Our Love" Valentine's Dinner
Saturday, Feb 16
7:00 pm
Maritime Christian College
(503 University Ave, Charlottetown)
Tickets: $30/each or $50/couple!

Email me for tickets!

As always 100% of the proceeds from this night will be used for our projects in China, Ethiopi and right here in PEI!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

You'll Never Guess What??!!!

Chris and I just found out that we are going to be adopting a 5 year old boy from China!!! Yes, we are going back to China! YAY! We have been in the process to adopt a littel girl from Ethiopia for the last 4 1/2 months but God had other plans for us. Through God's leading we found out about a little boy in China who needed a family. God led us to this precious little one and we couldn't be more excited about adopting from China again!!!

PS. Our Ethiopian adoption is currently on hold.

So excited...