Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Moving forward...

Although we were very disappointed to have to cancel our Christmas Gala we are already underway planning another Gala event for February! Unfortunate circumstances meant we had to cancel our event for December but we are excited to move forward and get another fundraiser underway!

We also have a package ready to go to the Fenghuangyuan orphanage. We are hoping a family in the US can take it for us to Changsha where it will be picked up and delivered to the orphanage. There are several beautiful, handmade fleece blankets in the package. These were lovingly made by a lady named Bev and her sisters. Bev has since passed away but her passion for these children was amazing and we are so happy to send these blankets to the children she cared so much about!

There are lots of other great items in the package as well so the children and nannies will have fun with it! Thank you to the many people who donated items or made these beautiful blankets!!! What a gift of love!

We are still collecting monetary donations for the Dao orphanage and Jiangyong orphanage. Please click on the "Donate" button to help these precious children!

Thank you...

The beautiful blankets made by Bev and her sisters...

Some other goodies for the package...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

New orphanage - DAO Facility

We've heard from another orphanage!! This one is also in Yongzhou City and it's known as Dao orphanage. There are currently 43 children living at this orphanage. 11 of the children are special needs - we've been told some are physically challenged and some are mentally challenged.

We would love to have families from this orphanage (or any famliy interested) help us supply this orphanage with their much needed items!!! Here is the list from their orphanage director:

86 cotton clothes - I'm not sure if this is pants or snowsuits...I will find out and clarify
86 sweaters
86 pairs of shoes
86 pairs of socks

The Director also said the orphanage needs help with food, toys and more. We would love to supply money for other items so if we raise more than what it will cost for food and clothing we will be able to buy extra toys for the children and other things like bedding, blankets, school desks, etc...

The total amount for the above items is about $1300. It looks as though the orphanage would like 2 sets of items for each child - that's certainly understandable since they have to wash items and still have clothes for the children to put on! I will be talking with our contact this week to find out what the orphanage needs in terms of food - do they need baby formula or do they need more food all around for the children.
**Please note: we only accept monetary donations. We wire our full donation to our contact in China. She then makes sure the orphanage purchases the items specified and translates receipts for us. Purchasing these items is much cheaper in China and it saves us having to pay for shipping (which is astronomical!!!)

Here are some photos of Dao oprhanage...please pray for all the children and nannies living here.
The front gate of the Dao Orphanage

The orphanage...

The sleeping room for babies...

Two Homes One Heart is now helping with the needs at the Fenghuangyuan Orphanage, Jiangyong Orphanage and now Dao orphanage. We seriously ask you to consider donating to help the precious children who live at these orphanages.

I will be adding a "Donate" button in the next couple of days so people can donate via paypal but in the meantime, please email me at or you can mail cheques to Two Homes One Heart, Box 7222, 17 Allison Avenue, Cornwall, PEI C0A 1H0