Friday, March 28, 2008

More Events!

We have several things on the go right now...

1. We have officially started the process of obtaining our charity status! YAY! I am so excited about this as it will really allow us to expand our fundraising and our money coming in which means we can expand our projects and reach more children!

2. I will be sending a donation of $900 to Jiangyong Orphanage on Monday morning. If anyone would like to donate to this orphanage please click on the "Donate Button". The money will be used for formula, clothing, new toys and educational items and a few other items the orphanage would like.

3. We are preparing for our 2nd Annual Kids Carnival - all money raised will be used to build a playground at an orphanage. We are open to suggestions about which orphanage could really benefit from a new, bright, colorful outdoor playground. In September we built a new playground at Fenghuangyuan Orphanage and the children and nannies are enjoying the play time and the fun interaction with each other!

4. We are getting closer to traveling to China to adopt our 4th child - our 2nd child from China. We are hoping to travel in June to bring home our little Evan Jun who is 5 years old. He is from the Liuzhou Orphanage in Guangxi.

Our 11 year old son wanted to do something to raise money for his new brother's orphanage so he is having a Wii Raffle! Ticket donations are $5/each or 3 tickets for $10. If you would like to purchase tickets for a chance to win a brand new Wii System, you can click on the "Donate" button and specify it's for the Wii. We will send you a ticket # and the draw will be videotaped and posted on the blog. (We will ship the Wii to the winner)

Most importantly, 100% of the proceeds will go to care for the many children still living at the Child Welfare Institute of Liuzhou!!!

UpComing Fundraising Events

Children's pre-snuggled, name brand clothing for only $2 each!

Enjoy a day of GREAT deals while you treat yourself to delicious snacks from our children's "LemonAID for Hope" stand.

Children can enjoy face painting, coloring, movies and a play area while you shop!

Date: April 19, 2008
Time: 11-4
Place - TBA very soon!

Sponsored by Snugglebugs


Sunday, May 25
Time: 2-5 pm
Location: Confederation Landing, Charlottetown

Enjoy carnival games, bouncy tents, magic shows, face painting, tatoos, BBQ and Canteen

Bracelets are $12 and can be used for all the activities as many times as you want! Lots of prizes...everyone will go home with tons of prizes.