Friday, May 30, 2008

$2000 Raised!

Our Kids Carnival was a great success with lots of families coming out for some fun! THANK YOU to everyone who came and supported this event. Thank you to Mari Lynn for all her hard work and commitment to this event and with Two Homes One Heart!! A special thank you to Gail Hodder for donating her talents again with her amazing cookies! Yum!!

THANK YOU to Wendy, Ling and all their friends who made the amazing chinese food!!! It was so delicious!

Thank you to our local business sponsors - you are all terrific!!!

Charlottetown Vision Care
Cabinet Master
Cornwall Esso
Vogue Optical
Lewis Moudlings (NS)
Split Endz
Diana's Grooming

We have changed our original plan for using the funds...originally we were going to build another outdoor playground at an orphanage but we didn't raise the full $4000. Instead, we will be providing TONS of play equipment, books, tables, etc.. for an orphanage to use INDOORS. Our son's orphanage (Liuzhou, Guangxi) has told us they desperately need some indoor toys (ride on cars, etc...) for their children. We were not able to build an outdoor playground at this orphanage as there are many special needs children and not enough nannies to properly supervise outdoor play such as this. But, we can certainly provide fun, educational, stimulating toys for the children to use indoors!!!

We (Chris, Caleb, Evan and I) are making arrangements to buy the toys while we are in China (in June) and then deliver them to the orphange so we will be sure to take lots of pictures and post them when we return!!


Our wonderful friends setting up the Chinese table...they spent hours making spring rolls, dumplings and a noodle dish. So good!

People ready to purchase their tickets...let the fun begin!

Families enjoying the Carnival!

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