Thursday, November 22, 2007

Let's help Jiangyong Orphanage!

The highlight of my day yesterday was when I opened an email and found out another orphanage needed & wanted our help! It is called Jiangyong Orphanage and it is a very small orphanage with only 12 children. The orphanage building is also an institute for older people and retired soldiers. The orphanage is on the second floor. Right now, this orphanage has 10 babies, 1 four year old and 1 eight year old.

This is their "need" list:

Clothes for babies 1 year old : 10 suit of cotton coat, cotton pants, sweater and underwear
Clothes for a kid 4-5 years old : one suit of cotton coat, cotton pants, sweater and underwear
Clother for a boy 7-9 years old: one suit of cotton coat, cotton pants, sweater and underwear

Baby Formula :San Lu (Brand)

We are assuming "suits of cotton coat and pants" would be snowsuits! So we will be sending them a donation for 12 snowsuits, 12 new winter clothing outfits, lots of underwear and as much baby formula as we can. Our "Sharing Our Love" Christmas Gala will help us with this as we will be using 1/3 of the proceeds from that event for our China orphanages.

If you would like to personally help this orphanage by giving a donation, please email me and I will give you instructions on how to do this!!

We are so excited to do this for these children. The Director will be sending us receipts and pictures of all the items we purchase!
**Please note: we only accept monetary donations. We wire our full donation to our contact in China. She then makes sure the orphanage purchases the items specified and translates receipts for us. Purchasing these items is much cheaper in China and it saves us having to pay for shipping (which is astronomical!!!)

Here are some photos of the Jiangyong Orphanage!

Front entrance

Orphanage is located on 2nd floor