Saturday, October 27, 2007

What's Happening

Because we are gearing up for our big Christmas Gala on December 9th we don't have too much else to report. We are doing this fundraiser and then I can give more details and pictures on what the money helped with. We will be splitting the proceeds in 3 ways - 1/3 to orphanages in Hunan, China - specifically the city of Yongzhou where Alyssa lived for 15 months - 1/3 to orphanages in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - where our daughter has lived and other smaller foster homes in the area - 1/3 to children and families right here in PEI - some of this will go to our "Heart to Heart" project (see below) and some will go to children with other needs (food, christmas, school lunches, etc...)

We are in the process of completing a website which will make it much easier for people to see what our projects are and what fundraisers are happening. It will also be set up to take donations and people can join our team to help with fundraisers and any trips we go on to other countries! Exciting!

For now, here is an overview of our projects:


Each year we hope to host our "Kids Carnival" to build a playground at orphanages in China. Our last Kids Carnival was great fun and a great success as we raised $4000 and built a beautiful, colorful playground where children can laugh, play and interact with their peers!

Money raised will also go towards supplying baby formula and other food for children living in orphanages, necessary items for orphanages (cribs, clothing, toys, cleft bottles), foster care programs and help with medical surgeries.

We are currently assisting one orphanage and we've had 2 others contact us and we are waiting to hear how we can help them with their needs.


We are hoping to raise funds to support "Faith Village" which is a huge project that is being done by our adoption agency, Kids Link. Here is a quote from them about this new village for children in Ethiopia... (

"Faith Village will provide daily meals, a formal education, spiritual teaching and proper medical care for 500 children each day. Together, with clothing and shoes, each child will be treated with dignity and given hope – as we recognize their importance in society as future leaders in the coming generation"

Our hope is to raise money to help with the Faith Village project but also raise money to help with supplies for smaller foster homes in Addis Ababa who care for many children but at the same time, the "mothers" caring for the children are stretched beyond their means. We would like to help with food, clothing, education for these foster homes and for the precious children living in them.

Prince Edward Island

"Heart to Heart" Project. This project was initiated by a foster child who used to live with us. She has a deep compassion for other foster children and wanted to give them something to comfort them as they were placed in foster homes. Together, we are collecting teddy bears and toiletry items (toothbrushes, books, journals, hairbrushes, etc...) and putting it all together in a care package (kitbag) to give to each child who goes into foster care on PEI. We will gladly accept donations of any of the items listed above or monetary donations and we'll do the shopping!! This would be a terrific project for a class at sunday school, youth group or a family wanted to give back to their community!

Local Food Banks - we are collecting large cans of baby formula and large packages of diapers (size 3 & 5) for our local food banks. MANY families with babies and toddlers use our food banks and the biggest need for babies/toddlers are these items. Again, you can donate these items and drop them off at SNUGGLEBUGS at 85 Belvedere Avenue, Charlottetown. You can also donate money and we will do the shopping!!!

Here is a picture of Nathan and our other 3 children. Nathan lived with us for 6 years as a foster child. He is the "big brother" of our house!!! (by the way, Nathan doesn't mind that we posted this picture and said he was our foster child :-)) Now, Nathan is all grown up and lives on his own!
If any of our projects interest you and you would like to help out with our fundraisers or donate to any or all of these GREAT causes, please feel free to contact me at
We are in the process of obtaining our charity status as well!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sorry it has taken so long to post again! I don't have too much to update about the orphanage - our contact is gone on a trip so I haven't communicated with her since the playground arrived. Alyssa's orphange sent us a thank you and it was really sweet. They also said they are doing okay right now and there is nothing they need right now. We are still talking about helping with a foster care program with her orphanage. I'll try to get more details on that when our contact gets back. She is also going to be updating us on the other orphanges who were asking for our help. They are all located outside Alyssa's birth city, Yongzhou.


We have a fabulous fundraiser planned - it is coming along nicely and I am just waiting to confirm the date. We are tentatively booking the first weekend of December (perhaps Dec 1) but I will post for sure when it's finally confirmed! We are also having an Art Auction and there are so many talented artists who are providing beautiful pieces (pottery, jewerly, quilts, paintings, drawings, etc...)
The Cornerstone Baptist Church Choir will be performing a beautiful Christmas cantata and they are truly amazing!!! The whole night is going to be magical - candlelight, christmas music, delicious food, amazing artwork to buy and best of all, 100% of the funds will go to help children in Ethiopia, China and locally here in PEI!!!!

Mark your calendars now for the first weekend of December. Tickets are going to be around $50 - $60 so that's a great deal for such a magical night and great cause!!!

Stay tuned!!! Tell all your friends. We only have 150 tickets to sell!!!!!